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Andrew Rosenau

I started my own IT Consulting company in 2002 at the age of 17. This company focused on helping small businesses start using computers and technology more to improve efficiency. Early on I wanted to work with businesses to learn their business, and help find solutions and efficiencies that technology can help with. Several of these original clients are still clients of Leap Forward Technologies today.

After graduating High School I attended Ridgewater college and received a Degree in Network Systems Administration. While attending college I also worked in the IT department while still continuing with my private IT consulting company.

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Upon completing college I worked for a larger IT consulting company for 2 years as a Network Systems Administrator, putting my private business on hold temporarily. During this time I worked with a wide range of businesses of all sizes, helping them maintain the networks, telephone systems and printing devices.

In 2006 I took a job as IT Manager and HIPAA security officer for a hospital. After taking this job I then restarted my private business, helping businesses with their IT needs. During my 16 years at the hospital I fulfilled many duties including implementing Electronic Medical Record systems, imaging PACS systems, evaluating workflows and moving them from paper to electronic processes. I was also in charge of creating, and maintaining department policies, HIPAA policies, training staff and ensuring compliance with all technical regulatory requirements. I streamlined daily tasks while ensuring patient confidentiality.

Starting in 2018 I decided to transform my IT consulting business into a full managed services provider. I wanted to continue to help businesses with all of their IT needs and simplify and secure IT for them. When I am not doing IT, I enjoy camping with my family and researching how things works, always wanting to learn something new. I am also active in the youth 4-H program, school and church activities and various community events. As a chamber of commerce member I am always looking at ways to make a positive difference.



A focus on customer service

Kelly Nokleby, EA, Owner, Books By Kelly, LLC

“I have worked with Andrew for over 20 years with regards to all my firm’s IT needs. Everything from hardware, to software, to system security. Andrew has taken the time to understand my business and how we work.

He has been my number one resource for everything IT. I confidently refer Andrew to all that I meet; no matter the business needs they are looking for.”

Joleen Rosenau

Joleen is the office manager and also handles accounts receivable. She enjoys learning new things and always looks forward to the next challenge. She is always looking for ways to streamline and optimize processes internally to help provide the highest quality of service to our clients.

When not working, Joleen enjoys camping and hiking with her family as well as reading, vegetable gardening, canning and food preservation. She is also involved in 4-H and various youth activities throughout the year.

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